I have researched (though still researching) much about Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and finally come to conclusion that it serves no good for anyone interested in social media, Google search, content production, and many other creative grasslands. To my vision this act would work for internet as jammer to mobile signals. Consider we will not longer find our desired video on YouTube.com as it would violate SOPA. Imagine the frustration when you could not share what you feel without getting it moderated.

Consider we will be prompted by a message while sharing something that reads “Your video/status/link/picture/anything will be live after moderation”. That would be a HUGE obstacle for social media. According to a fact 30 billion pieces of content (links, photos, blogs etc) are shared only on Facebook, so how many moderators will they need to monitor all such content, their salaries, expenditures, etc. And this is only about Facebook, more or less same situation would happen to other networks like Twitter, G+, Digg, etc.

In the end all I would say is please do whatever you can to stop the implementation of SOPA. I am blogging, tweeting, discussing and researching against it, do whatever you think you can. Oppose it! if you ever used Google for your research, or enjoyed Facebook or Twitter.

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